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Wonderful wool

Wool is an excel­lent mate­rial, especial­ly in win­ter. For example, a wool sock absorbs vola­ti­le mois­tu­re and odors from the foot, causing the wool fibers to curl. The wool has an excep­tio­nal struc­tu­re. The dif­fe­rent parts in the fiber grow and beha­ve dif­fe­rent­ly, which causes the fiber to curl. The­se dif­fe­rent parts also absorb mois­tu­re in dif­fe­rent ways. The­re­fo­re, the wool fiber curls more as it gets wet. The­re is more air between the wool fibers of the curls, which inc­rea­ses the fee­ling of warmth in the foot.

Wool repels dirt, so it does not need to be was­hed often. Also the wool beco­mes easi­ly clean in the wash. It’s good because was­hing the wool needs to be done in a special way so it doesn’t shrink or felt. Due to its struc­tu­re, wool has this excep­tio­nal fea­tu­re, fel­ting. When I was a tee­na­ger, my mom ones was­hed my favo­ri­te pul­lo­ver in the was­hing mac­hi­ne with a nor­mal pro­gram. She didn’t rea­lize I had was­hed it by hand myself. From the mac­hi­ne came out a shrun­ken, but so thick and stiff pul­lo­ver that no child could use it eit­her. The strength of wool also dete­rio­ra­tes when it gets wet. The­re­fo­re, it is very impor­tant that the wool pro­duct is pro­per­ly main­tai­ned. This way it stays good and lasts in use. Howe­ver, wool is a tough fiber. Aging is not always a nega­ti­ve pro­per­ty. Wool can be used to make good fel­ted pro­ducts. In addi­tion, part of the wool is trea­ted so that it will not felt and they can be was­hed more carefree.

The wool does not wrinkle easi­ly. From a small stretch, it reco­vers well. Howe­ver, repea­ted or vio­lent stretc­hing will cause it to stretch per­ma­nent­ly. Take good care of your wool pro­duct and it is an excel­lent and long-las­ting product.

In addi­tion, wool is a renewable and bio­de­gra­dable natu­ral fiber. As long as it does not con­tain man-made fibers or has not been trea­ted with envi­ron­men­tal­ly harm­ful che­micals that are relea­sed into the envi­ron­ment when wool decom­po­ses. The wool is also inhe­rent­ly qui­te fire­proof. If kept in a fla­me, it burns slow­ly, but the wool goes out on its own when it is taken out of the flame.

The down­si­de of wool is that it elect­ri­fies easi­ly, especial­ly in frost. Howe­ver, man-made fibers also elect­ri­fy easi­ly, so they do not pro­vi­de a solu­tion to this problem. In my opi­nion, elect­ri­fying is not that bad com­pa­red to how won­der­ful­ly warm you will stay in woo­len clothes.

How then should that wool product be washed?

Only cer­tain wool pro­ducts can be mac­hi­ne was­hed with a gent­le 40 degree pro­gram. Other wool pro­ducts should be was­hed by hand. You should use a special neut­ral deter­gent for wool, as ordi­na­ry deter­gents inc­rea­se fel­ting. Wool does not withs­tand bleaching.

Wool gar­ments should be sha­ped wet and flat dried. Otherwi­se, they will stretch into the wrong sha­pe. They should not be left to dry in direct sun­light, as UV rays wea­ken the wool.

If for some rea­son you want to iron your wool pro­duct, it can pro­bably be done at 150 degrees (2 dots).

What is mulesing?

Meri­no sheep have been proces­sed into cor­ru­ga­ted skin to obtain as much wool as pos­sible from a single sheep. For sheep, an exces­si­ve amount of wool is hea­vy to car­ry. In addi­tion, the uri­ne and sweat accu­mu­la­ted in the folds att­ract flies and the meat flies with their lar­vae begin to nest in the sheep. As ear­ly as the 1930s, J.W.H. Mules had noticed that flies at sheep skin scar­ring sites caused by shears could not lay eggs as easi­ly as on healt­hy skin. Accor­ding to him, a mule­sing proce­du­re has been named in which the skin at the stern of a sheep is remo­ved so that the para­si­tes can no lon­ger lay eggs in the sheep. This ope­ra­tion is per­for­med on lambs under one year of age and does not requi­re anest­he­sia or anti­sep­tics. It usual­ly takes less than a month for the wound to heal. Many wool pro­ducers today use mule­sing-free labeling.

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