Pan­te­ra is the nick­na­me one capoei­ra teac­her gave me ear­lier in my life. And now the time has come to unleash my inner pant­her with wild ideas and so I deve­lo­ped Pant­her Kidswear. As a mot­her of two and as a tex­ti­le and clot­hing tech­no­lo­gy pro­fes­sio­nal, I wan­ted to crea­te clot­hes with a kind of inge­nui­ty that enhances com­fort, prac­tica­li­ty, ver­sa­ti­li­ty and lon­ge­vi­ty. I, myself, have disco­ve­red how chal­len­ging it is to find single-color clot­hes for my children. That’s why I crea­ted the Pant­her Kidswear single-color children clothes.

I was disap­poin­ted by the fact that the baby clot­hing world is still full of low qua­li­ty clot­hes made under ques­tio­nable unsu­per­vi­sed con­di­tions. I wan­ted to pay my dues so that eve­ry­one could have the pos­si­bi­li­ty to choo­se a good qua­li­ty, safe pro­duct for their child, pro­duced ethical­ly. As a tex­ti­le and clot­hing pro­fes­sio­nal, I am very fami­liar with the process of crea­ting a good qua­li­ty pro­duct. I want to bring forward this know-how through my clothes.

Whi­le envi­ron­men­tal issues are impor­tant to me, children are even more impor­tant. That’s why their safe­ty is the hig­hest prio­ri­ty for me, whi­le in their ima­gi­na­tion they can let the pant­her take them on a jungle adventure.

Kai­sa Dimulescu

Mas­ter of Science in Tex­ti­le and Clot­hing Engineering