The panther and my values

My bold, crea­ti­ve and play­ful inner power ani­mal, the pant­her, rai­sed its head and the children’s clot­hing brand Pant­her Kidswear was born. As a mot­her of two and a pro­fes­sio­nal in tex­ti­le and clot­hing tech­no­lo­gy, I want to crea­te time­less gar­ments with a new kind of inge­nui­ty that enhances com­fort, prac­tica­li­ty, ver­sa­ti­li­ty and lon­ge­vi­ty. And I want to res­pect the envi­ron­men­tal issues at the same time.

I find it very impor­tant to fol­low the deve­lop­ment of the tex­ti­le and clot­hing industry. It is hard to be envi­ron­men­tal friend­ly in the tex­ti­le busi­ness. You have to accept your own incomple­te­ness and admit it open­ly. The­re is no per­fect solu­tion, but many dif­fe­rent choices can be most­ly good. It is impor­tant to stri­ve for the best and to deve­lop ope­ra­tions with con­ti­nuo­us impro­ve­ment in the right direc­tion. And luc­ki­ly the who­le industry is now going fast­ly in the right direction!

My dear cus­to­mers, thank you for eve­ryt­hing! I want to use your feed­back in pro­duct deve­lop­ment so that I can offer pro­ducts in the futu­re that will delight you and make your eve­ry­day life easier. I hope you can see my since­ri­ty and goodwill.

As an ent­repre­neur, I stri­ve to build long-term part­ners­hips with other com­pa­nies that have values ​​that fit my own values. The clo­ser a part­ner is found, the better.

For me it is impor­tant to be kind and res­pect­full to eve­ry per­son. My expe­riences and life chan­ges have made this even more impor­tant. I am very gra­te­full for eve­ry won­der­ful get toget­her, cus­to­mer, sup­port and assis­tance on my ent­repre­neu­rial jour­ney. Thank you!

And children ❤️ Children always have a special place in my heart. Let the children live a full life, as children, as they are, and safe. Let’s take care of the children together!

Kaisa Dimulescu

Kai­sa Dimulescu

Mas­ter of Science in Tex­ti­le and Clot­hing Engineering