Terms and conditions

PANTERESCU OY FI30183012 (onli­ne shop) sells pro­ducts to pri­va­te per­sons in Fin­land and abroad. We reser­ve all rights to chan­ge the terms and con­di­tions, and the prices. All prices inclu­de VAT.

Con­tact us

E-mail: info@pantherkidswear.com
Telep­ho­ne: +358 400 172 788
Address: Aak­ku­lan­tie 39, 36220 Kan­ga­sa­la


Orders are col­lec­ted from the onli­ne shop selec­tion by adding the pro­ducts to the shop­ping bas­ket. The order is con­fir­med by using the check-out func­tio­na­li­ty in the onli­ne shop to pay for the purc­ha­se. By con­fir­ming an order, you accept the­se terms and con­di­tions, pro­duct pricing and ship­ping costs. An e-mail con­fir­ma­tion will be deli­ve­red in case an e-mail address is pro­vi­ded by the time of con­fir­ming the order. The e-mail con­fir­ma­tion lists the pro­ducts orde­red and the price break­down.


Bam­bo­ra Pay­Form (Pay­byway Oy, busi­ness-id FI24865594) is the pay­ment faci­li­ta­tor of the onli­ne shop. The Pay­byway Oy is a pay­ment faci­li­ta­tor aut­ho­rized by the Financial Super­vi­so­ry Aut­ho­ri­ty of Fin­land. The pay­ment process is con­duc­ted in the onli­ne ser­vice of the Bam­bo­ra. Bam­bo­ra or Pay­byway Oy is shown as the pay­ment recei­ved in the bank account lis­ting and in the invoice. Paying with Bam­bo­ra is safe. All infor­ma­tion is exc­han­ged through secu­red con­nec­tions.

The tra­de hap­pens between the onli­ne cus­to­mer and the onli­ne shop. The onli­ne shop is res­pon­sible for all obli­ga­tions rela­ted to the tra­de.

Read more about Bam­bo­ra: https://www.bambora.com

Payment methods

With Bam­bo­ra Pay­Form you can pay your order by an inter­net ban­king account, a wal­let, a pay­ment card (credit/debit), an invoice or a par­tial pay­ment. The fol­lowing met­hods of pay­ment are sup­por­ted: Osuus­pank­ki, Nor­dea, Dans­ke Bank, Oma Sääs­tö­pank­ki, Sääs­tö­pank­ki, Aktia, Pai­kal­li­so­suus­pan­kit, S-Pank­ki, Han­dels­ban­ken, Ålands­ban­ken, Mobi­le­Pay, Visa-, Visa Debit-, Visa Elect­ron-, Mas­terCard- and Debit Mas­terCard pay­ment cards, Jous­to and Euro­loan.

Mobi­le­Pay: You can pay with your Mobi­le­Pay wal­let if you have allowed onli­ne pay­ments in the set­tings of the Mobi­le­Pay applica­tion. Pay­ment via Mobi­le­Pay takes place direct­ly from the pay­ment card lin­ked to Mobi­le­Pay. If char­ging the pay­ment from the lin­ked card fails, Mobi­le­Pay can not be used in the onli­ne shop.

Jous­to: With Jous­to invoice and part-pay­ment you can pay in over 4000 onli­ne shop in Fin­land. With Jous­to invoice, you get 14 days pay­ment time (invoice fee 4,90 eur). With Jous­to part-pay­ment, you get max 12 months pay­ment time (invoice fee 4,90 eur and month­ly inte­rest rate 2,42%). More infor­ma­tion: www.jousto.com

Euro­loan: Euro­loan Con­su­mer Finance Oyj (2159120-9) is a Fin­nish financing ins­ti­tu­tion ope­ra­ting since 2007. Euro­loan invoice and part-pay­ment is avai­lable to over 20 years old con­su­mers having a per­ma­nent address in Fin­land. The pay­ment met­hod is enabled for pay­ments from 10 to 2000 eur. The part-pay­ment is invoiced eve­ry 30 days. For example, annua­lized percen­ta­ge rate for a 1500 eur cre­dit is 26,1 % when the pay­ment term is 12 months. The total price is 1697,15 eur (incl. inte­rest rate 6 %, invoicing fee 3,95 eur/month, ope­ning fee from 3 eur).

Euro­loan Con­su­mer Finance Oyj reser­ves a right to review the cre­di­bi­li­ty and the address infor­ma­tion of con­su­mers using Euro­loan invoice or part-pay­ment. The con­su­mer is also reques­ted the pro­vi­de the per­so­nal id num­ber. The cre­dit is appro­ved or decli­ned based on this review. The order is deli­ve­red only to the address regis­te­red to the Popu­la­tion Regis­ter of Fin­land. More infor­ma­tion: www.euroloan.fi/luotot/laskujaosamaksu

Con­tact Bam­bo­ra Pay­Form

Bam­bo­ra Pay­Form, Pay­byway Oy (busi­ness-id FI24865594)
E-mail: payform@bambora.com
Telep­ho­ne: +358 29 300 5050 (work­days 9-16)
Address: Laser­ka­tu 6, 53850 Lap­peen­ran­ta, Fin­land


Orders are being ship­ped during work­days. Pro­ducts from the stock are usual­ly deli­ve­red wit­hin 3-5 work­days. Deli­ve­ry for pro­ducts that are not in stock usual­ly takes 1-3 weeks. Ship­ping costs are defi­ned by the selec­ted deli­ve­ry met­hod, pos­sible ext­ra ser­vices, ship­ment weight and size. The ship­ping costs can be seen in the check-out func­tio­na­li­ty befo­re con­fir­ming the order.

Plea­se inform us wit­hout a delay - at least wit­hin 14 days - in case a pro­duct has lost or dama­ged in ship­ping. The logis­tics com­pa­ny must be also infor­med regar­ding any pro­ducts dama­ged in ship­ping.


The cus­to­mer has a right to chan­ge or return orde­red pro­ducts during 14 days of recei­ving the order. The cus­to­mer has a right to chan­ge or return all or part of the pro­ducts in the order. The chan­ged and retur­ned pro­ducts must be unused and in the ori­gi­nal pac­ka­ging. If you wish to chan­ge or return pro­ducts, plea­se con­tact us first for the instruc­tions. Plea­se attach your name, con­tact details and your bank account num­ber for recei­ving the refund.

Cancelling an order, defect liability and reclamations

The cus­to­mer has right to cancel an order befo­re the order is dis­patc­hed. The cancel­la­tion must be done in writ­ten by an e-mail to the cus­to­mer sup­port of the onli­ne shop.

The onli­ne shop is liable for defects in the sold pro­ducts accor­ding to the applicable law. Plea­se con­tact the cus­to­mer sup­port of the onli­ne shop imme­dia­te­ly in a case of recla­ma­tion. The con­su­mer has a right to file a dis­pu­te in the Con­su­mer Dis­pu­tes Board in a case of dis­pu­te between the onli­ne shop and the con­su­mer.