Kietaus body

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Practical and stylish body for a small baby.


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Sty­lish body for a small baby. Can easi­ly be clo­sed with press but­tons. Double press but­tons to adjust both length and width inc­rea­ses the life of the gar­ment. Fin­gers can be pro­tec­ted by a slee­ve fold, so that the baby can­not scratch her-/him­self.

The body is made from a soft cot­ton knit that feels com­for­table against the skin.

A wrap-around gar­ment is best sui­ted for a baby who is not yet able to move on the floor her-/him­self.

Desig­ned in Fin­land. Cot­ton knit­ting is made in Fin­land. The clot­hes are sewn in Esto­nia. The mate­rials have Oeko-tex certificates.

The addi­tio­nal pic­tu­res are all about 7cm x 7cm.

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Turquoise, White, Yellow


50, 56, 62, 68